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Immerse yourself in inspiring, interactive group learning

FIDIC DAB Workshop - In House Companies Training
Accelerate your learning and take your knowledge of construction contracts and claims to the next level.

Thanks to practical content based on 40 years’ experience plus face to face support of highly experienced presenters, you will quickly gain the confidence and skills you need in this specialist area of the industry. You will team up to complete group assignments designed to stimulate discussion, debate and solidify your new knowledge.

By working in groups based on professional background, you will gain different perspectives on the assignments that will help you to see things from all sides. With assignments based on real life case studies, you’ll be able to see exactly how the course content applies to common project scenarios. Above all, there will be plenty of time to practice, ask questions and work together to enhance your learning experience.

Whether you are new to the world of contracts and claims, or want to raise your career status to specialist level, we have the right course for you.

Find out more about our workshops below. Enrol today and start your path to success.

2-Day The Perfect Claim Workshop

Gain clarity in preparing and handling claims at our interactive 2-day workshop. A strong emphasis on practical, real-life case studies with a face to face presenter and group support will enhance your understanding of how claims should be managed on projects worldwide.

Email for details of the next event. Check out the e-courses section for personalised online training, or we can come to you for an in-house workshop…

FIDIC Claims

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FIDIC Claims

Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts

Gain confidence in handling claims using the globally recognised FIDIC forms of contract at our interactive 2-day workshop. The session has a strong emphasis on practical learning and group assignments. Case studies based on real projects and face-to-face presenter interaction and group support will guarantee an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts Workshop

Gain expertise and improve your ability to effectively work with FIDIC forms of contract on this interactive 3-day workshop. Work on practical case studies based on real projects. Get face-to-face presenter interaction and group support to guarantee an engaging and interactive learning experience.

What our students have to say

Anthony Chamberlain from United Kingdom

“The course exceeded my expectations! It has helped me to sharpen my tools and has provided me with a greater understanding of the full scope of construction claims.”

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