Why Choose A FIDIC Certified Trainer?

If you’ve followed Claims Class for a while, you’ll know the name Andy Hewitt, our newly certified FIDIC trainer!

Maybe Andy tutored you as a student on one our e-courses. Perhaps you’ve seen him speak at industry seminars and conferences. Or if you’re a bookworm, perhaps you’ve read some of his books on claims and FIDIC?

Not one to sit idle, Andy has recently added another string to his bow…

And as a result, I am pleased to announce that he has become a FIDIC Certified Trainer.

Background to the Certification

FIDIC now requires all trainers to undertake a knowledge and skills assessment through FIDIC Credentialling. This new organisation provides examination and certification for construction professionals. It provides formal recognition for those with particular expertise in specialist fields.

The certification is an advanced level qualification. It is for trainers who have experience delivering training to construction professionals. Particularly those working in infrastructure, engineering or construction around the world.

The certification is divided into three main categories:

  1. FIDIC Certified Trainer of Contracts
    1. Fundamental Construction Contracts (Red, Yellow, Pink and Green Books)
    2. Consulting Services Agreements
    3. Silver Book (specialism)
  1. FIDIC Certified Trainer of Adjudicators
  2. FIDIC Certified Trainer in Business Practice
    1. Quality
    2. Integrity
    3. Sustainability

What Does Us Being Certified Mean for You?

Andy is one of fewer than 100 professionals to become a Certified Trainer under this new scheme.

When you sign up for a FIDIC related course, you can be certain that you are not only dealing with a professional and friendly organisation but that you are learning from a qualified, competent professional who understands the intricacies and nuances of the FIDIC suite.

Andy will share his new knowledge and insight during the delivery of our live online courses. He will also continue to share technical articles here on our blog.

FIDIC is also drafting a collaboration agreement. Through this agreement, we look forward to new opportunities to promote and deliver Claims Class courses to a global audience and continue to raise standards in the industry via our training courses.

Find out more about the range of courses we have for you. Take a look at our e-courses here