Understanding Claims Under The FIDIC Contracts

Failure to identify and manage claims correctly costs valuable time and money

If you’ve been working in the construction industry for a while, then you’ll know exactly what we mean. With claims on the rise today, it is vital that companies have a person who possesses the knowledge and skill to handle claims effectively. The cost of getting it wrong can have drastic consequences for a project’s timeline and profitability.

The FIDIC suite of contracts is one of the most renowned forms of contract used worldwide. Having worked on projects using these contracts for years, we know that they are not always easy to navigate. Perhaps you’ve been on the employer or contractor side and have struggled to understand how to manage claims under the FIDIC contracts; unsure of the circumstances that provide a basis for a claim, not sure what you can claim for and what the proper procedures and requirements are for the Engineer’s responses and determinations.

Our Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts training courses have been created to give you a thorough understanding of claims under the FIDIC contracts. We’ll go through every clause in detail to ensure you know exactly under what circumstances a claim may arise and what obligations must be complied with when making a claim. Whilst each of our courses offers different learning outcomes, regardless of the course you take, by the end you’ll be able to confidently identify, prepare and respond to all manner of claims under the FIDIC contracts and resolve matters with speed and efficiency. You will also benefit from learning how to handle claims on any FIDIC-based projects from the contractor, employer and engineer’s perspective.

Simply learn from home or join our workshops

If you enjoy logging on from the comfort of your own home and working at your own pace, then our e-courses provide a flexible and affordable option for you. Our Understanding Claims under the FIDIC Contracts Basic E-Course comes with easy to follow video tutorials and no pressure of assignments, while our Intermediate e-course has the added benefit of practical assignments, tutor support, graded assignments and comments, CPD hours, certification and optional membership with the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners.

Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts Intermediate E-Course

Gain an understanding of how to produce claims under the FIDIC forms of contract with the added benefit of graded assignments and tutor support. Through easy to follow video tutorials, learn how to administer FIDIC’s four main forms of contract: the Red, Yellow, Gold and Silver Books.
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Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts Basic E-Course

Through easy to follow video tutorials, gain an understanding of how to identify, prepare, respond to and manage claims under the FIDIC forms of contract: the Red, Yellow, Gold and Silver Books.
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Prefer learning in a face-to-face classroom environment? Then why not take time out to attend one of our interactive workshops? Enjoy the company of fellow professionals in an interactive, dynamic, quality-driven and expert led learning experience. Our workshops include practical group-based assignments, case studies based on real projects, CPD hours and certification.

Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts

Gain confidence in handling claims using the globally recognised FIDIC forms of contract at our interactive 2-day workshop. The session has a strong emphasis on practical learning and group assignments. Case studies based on real projects and face-to-face presenter interaction and group support will guarantee an engaging and interactive learning experience.

What our students have to say

Nicholas Radford from UAE

“Very good. I achieved my initial objectives from the course. Very well organised and planned. Hand out documents good and well presented. Presenter clear and methodical in delivery which helped. Case studies added to participation and provided an opportunity to see the theory applied. Nina very helpful.”

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