The Preliminaries to the Claim – Top Tips Paper for Download!

The object of a claim document is to convince the respondent that the claimant is entitled to an award and the quantum of the award. It must also be remembered that the onus is on the claimant to prove his case.

To help this objective it is vitally important to ensure that any reviewer of the claim who is not familiar with the project or the circumstances of the claim may properly understand the claim.

To achieve this, we must ensure that the document includes all the information that is necessary for a proper understanding of the matter and the document must lead the reader to a logical conclusion. Failure to comply with these two key points will at best lead to delays in settling the claim or, in the worst case, a rejection of the claim.

Much of this can be achieved by working through the claim and presenting the various subjects that need to be dealt with in a logical order. The following paper therefore discusses the order in which the ‘front end’ or, as I like to refer to it, ‘the preliminaries to the claim’, may be presented and what information should be included within the various sections therein…

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