The International Nature of Claims Class

Claims Class continues to reach all corners of the world. Our recent 2-day Construction Claims Intensive Training Course in Abu Dhabi attracted delegates from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE including one gentleman who also flew from China especially for the course.

The fact that the delegates’ countries of origin included Cyprus, India, Russia, China, Egypt, Ireland, Spain and the UK illustrates the cosmopolitan nature of the Middle East these days, but I like to think that it also demonstrates that Claims Class goes out of its way to appeal on an international basis.

The construction claims course is not focused on any one particular form of contract and the principles taught can therefore be applied to any form of contract that you may be using, be it standard or local forms of contract.

Our Construction Claims Distance Learning Course has had registrations from students of 23 different nationalities who are based in 21 different countries. Our most recent graduates include British, Mauritian, Bulgarian and Thai students who are resident in Qatar, Australia, the UK, and Bulgaria. Recent registrations include students from Russia, China, the USA, Denmark and Holland.

As a person who has lived and worked overseas for more than 20 years and consequently, spent much time amongst people from many different nationalities, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to be able to help people from literally all over the world.