Improved Resources for Distance Learning Students

We have recently added recorded tutorials to the Construction Claims Distance Learning course content and already, we are seeing the positive impact that this is having for our students.Read more

Straight from the Horses Mouth! Interview with a Distance Learning Graduate

David Horsley graduated from the Claims Class 'Construction Claims' Distance Learning Course earlier this year.Read more

The International Nature of Claims Class

Claims Class continues to reach all corners of the world. Our recent 2-day Construction Claims Intensive Training Course in Abu Dhabi attracted delegates from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE including one gentleman who also flew from China especially for the course.Read more

Insights into Studying with Claims Class

One of the reasons that I created Claim Class is because I get a lot of personal satisfaction from sharing knowledge that I have gained over many years, in order to help people do their jobs better and to help them progress in their career path. It is always good to get feedback from students when this happens, as it shows me that we are achieving our goals.Read more

Distance Learning Course Graduate Gives Stamp of Approval

Junaid Limbada has just completed the Claims Class Distance Learning Course on construction claims in just 4 months. So we felt he deserved a special mention!Read more