construction claims vs perfect claim

Construction Claims vs. The Perfect Claim E-Courses: What's the Difference?

Students often get in touch and ask:

What's the difference between The Perfect Claim and Construction Claims e-courses?

Both courses deal with the fundamentals of claims management, so what sets them apart?

The Perfect Claim

The Perfect Claim focuses on a specific case study. We take students through a claim for an extension of time and the payment of costs on a project where there were unforeseeable ground conditions.

Using the case study, we work to build the claim from A-Z.

During the course, we cover:

  • the case study, potential claims and notices
  • preparing the claim and delay analysis
  • cost calculations
  • compilation of and preliminaries to the claim
  • cause and effect
  • additional payment
  • entitlement
  • finalising the claim

Basically, everything you need to know to prepare a claim to a professional standard and ensure its success.

Construction Claims

The Construction Claims courses are more generic. They are suitable for both contractors and consultants because they deal with things from ‘both sides of the fence’.

The courses cover:

  • contract administration for claims
  • how to identify potential claims
  • claim strategy and management
  • cause and effect
  • an overview of delay analysis
  • entitlement
  • responses and determinations
  • writing compilation of claims and determinations

Graduates will be able to manage, prepare and respond to claims at a professional standard.

Which Course To Take?

Both courses will give you a full understanding of claims and how to manage them.

For engineers responsible for assessing claims and issuing responses, I tend to recommend the construction claims courses as the later modules deal with these aspects of claim management.

If you're not an engineer, I would choose the course that appeals to you the most. Check the module descriptions for each course. See which course you like the sound of and go with it. If you’re excited by the content, you’re much more likely to stick with your studies and graduate.

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