Responses, Determinations and Decisions

Our Claims Class 2-day Intensive Training Course in London was slightly unusual in that the balance of the delegates was significantly weighted towards the client’s side and also included an arbitrator and an adjudicator.  These particular delegates were obviously interested in learning how claims should be responded to and in the case of the arbitrator and adjudicator, how decisions should be presented.Read more

Notices, Conditions Precedent and Time Bars

One of the most frequently asked questions at CPD events and our Claims Class Intensive Training Courses is in connection with notices. The questions are usually along the lines of , ‘If we fail to send a notice of claim, or we do not send the notice in time, will our claim be time-barred?’Read more

Time is of the Essence for Claim Submissions

The consultancy side of our business has just been appointed by a contractor to prepare an extension of time claim. The contractor exceeded the completion date 3 months ago and although there are many employer-caused delays, he has not so far submitted any claims for extensions of time.Read more

Claims Class Quarterly | Issue 2

We are pleased to release the second edition of the Claims Class Quarterly. It gives us great pleasure to release this newsletter and we have received great feedback on the content of our newsletters so far...Read more

Insights into Studying with Claims Class

One of the reasons that I created Claim Class is because I get a lot of personal satisfaction from sharing knowledge that I have gained over many years, in order to help people do their jobs better and to help them progress in their career path. It is always good to get feedback from students when this happens, as it shows me that we are achieving our goals.Read more

The Problem with Inadequately Expressed Claims and Responses

EC Harris' report Global Construction Disputes Report 2013 cites incomplete and/or unsubstantiated claims as one of the major reasons for construction industry disputes.Read more

Insights on the Construction Industry in Singapore

I have just returned from Singapore where I presented our Claims Class 2-Day Intensive Training Course on construction claims to a group of 29 construction professionals from all sectors of the industry.Read more

Claims Class Quarterly | Issue 1

We are pleased to announce that the first edition of the Claims Class Quarterly has been launched.Read more

Top Causes of Disputes in the Construction Industry

EC Harris' report Global Construction Disputes report 2013 lists the following as the top causes of disputes in the construction industry:Read more

First Impressions of a Contractor's Claim

I have just spent half a day reviewing a claim from a contractor on a project where I have been appointed to manage the claims and produce assessments on behalf of the engineer. My impressions after this first review are that the contractor may very well have a valid case for an extension of time but to a lesser extent than that claimed. However, on the basis of his claim, he does not deserve anything because his claim is inadequately expressed. His main failures are that he has failed to link the cause with the effect that he is claiming and the basis of his delay analysis is based on something that, if he had taken the trouble to attempt to substantiate his assertions, he would have himself realised was simply not true.Read more