Construction Claims Distance Learning Course | Graduate Feedback

Our Claims Class Construction Claims Distance Learning Course was created to help people gain practical, ‘hands on’ knowledge of claims and is intended to teach information that will enable students to immediately put the topics learned into practice.Read more

Construction Claims Distance Learning Course | A Graduate's Perspective

When I enrolled on the Claims Class Distance Learning Course, I was approaching 10 years of experience. During that time I had dealt with claims on both sides of the fence, with a reasonable degree of success, so I was by no means a novice.Read more

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Training Provider

Registering for a training course may seem like a relatively easy decision. You receive information about a course, it peaks your interest and you do a bit of digging…Read more

3 Tips for Exercising Due Diligence when Examining Claims

If you are tasked with examining claims and producing an assessment or determination, the importance of undertaking a complete and comprehensive examination of the matter cannot be overstressed. This was emphasised to me recently when I was producing an assessment of a contractor’s claim for an extension of time. Towards the end of my information gathering I found a document, which turned the whole claim on its head and resulted in a rejection of the claim.Read more

Goodbye 2014: Reflections on the year gone by

And there goes another year in the blink of an eye! It seems like I was only sitting down to write reflections on 2013 five minutes ago and here we are in 2015 reflecting on 2014.Read more

FIDIC and Claims Course Leads to a Better Understanding

Feedback from our 2-Day Construction Claims Intensive Training Course consistently told us that you would like Claims Class to launch a course on FIDIC. We have been working on this and launched our new 2-day course - Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts - in Dubai on 10th January 2015.Read more

Nina's Dubai Desert Warrior Challenge

Nina is not just highly efficient at managing, administering and marketing Claims Class, she is also a pretty determined athlete.Read more

Claims Class Quarterly | Issue 5

The 5th edition of the Claims Class Quarterly has been released!Read more

London Claims Class Course Delegates 'Highly Satisfied'

Our 2-Day Construction Claims Intensive Training Course was held in London towards the end of September and we are delighted to report that the feedback completed by the delegates showed that we achieved 90% ‘highly satisfied’ and ‘satisfied’ votes across all categories.Read more

Claims Class Helps Student to Get New Job

I am always delighted to hear of the success of our students, especially when Claims Class has helped them to achieve the success. Helping people to improve themselves and climb the career ladder was one of my motivations when I decided to develop the training and education side of our business.Read more