How to Make Sure Your Claims are Accepted

If you wish to ensure that your claims are accepted, you need to bear in mind EC Harris’ (now ARCADIS) report Global Construction Disputes Report. This report cites incomplete and/or unsubstantiated claims as one of the major reasons for construction industry disputes.Read more

The Preliminaries to the Claim - Top Tips Paper for Download!

The object of a claim document is to convince the respondent that the claimant is entitled to an award and the quantum of the award. It must also be remembered that the onus is on the claimant to prove his case.Read more

Referencing of Clauses in Correspondence and Claims

One of our distance learning students recently asked for advice on how to correctly refer, or make reference, to contract clauses when preparing a claim. Although this is a fairly minor point, referencing in claim documents is something that is often done badly. In turn, this can make the reader’s understanding more difficult - but if done well, can help with a successful claim.Read more