Claim Review Procedure

Following on from my previous blog ‘Determinations, Rocks and Hard Places’ another frequently asked question is ‘how should the engineer (or other party responsible for responding to a claim) ensure that he is being fair to both parties when making a decision or determination?’ In this blog we will go through the claim review procedure.Read more

Determinations, Rocks and Hard Places

Most form of contract oblige the consultant responsible for determining the contractor’s claims (the Architect, Engineer or Contract Administrator), to make a fair and reasonable award or decision in accordance with the contract.Read more

Responses, Determinations and Decisions

Our Claims Class 2-day Intensive Training Course in London was slightly unusual in that the balance of the delegates was significantly weighted towards the client’s side and also included an arbitrator and an adjudicator.  These particular delegates were obviously interested in learning how claims should be responded to and in the case of the arbitrator and adjudicator, how decisions should be presented.Read more