The Difference Between Claim and Dispute Submissions - FIDIC Omissions

25 Tips to Help You Avoid Costly Claims and Disputes

Often people ask us, 'what are the key things we must do to avoid disputes and claims?'. Good news - we've compiled all of them into one handy document of top tips to avoid claims and disputes!
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How to Calculate the Recovery of Preliminaries on a Reduced Scope of Works

I was recently contacted by a blog reader who requested some advice on a project in Qatar where the Employer omitted a large part of the Works and also wanted to deduct money from the Contractor’s preliminaries as part of the price adjustment.Read more

The Difference Between Claim and Dispute Submissions - FIDIC Omissions

Omission of Items Included in the Bill of Quantities, But Not Shown on the Drawings

Bills of Quantities, Omissions and Claims: I recently received a request for advice from one of our course attendees. It related to the Bill of Quantities and later drawing issues. This topic has arisen on several occasions so I thought it worthy of a blog. The situation and query was as follows:Read more

Insights from Qatar | Evaluating Variations on Lump Sum Contracts

I have just returned from presenting our 2-Day Construction Claims Intensive Training Course in Qatar where one delegate raised a question in connection with lump-sum contracts and items included in the bills of quantities, but not shown on the drawings.Read more