Success Stories

It’s always great news when we hear how Claims Class has helped people achieve success, either in their careers or with their duties at work. We presented our ‘Construction Claims’ and our ‘Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts’ courses in Qatar last week and whilst I was there, I gave a talk on dispute boards to 100 plus members of the Qatar branch of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).Read more

Lump Sum Cash Contract

Are Claim Preparation Costs Recoverable?

Claim Class presented its 2-day intensive training course on Construction Claims in London on 29 and 30 September. One subject that resulted in quite a heated debate was whether the costs of preparing a claim, either employee time or by specialist consultants, are recoverable? Do such items come under the heading of 'loss and expense' for the purposes of a claim? Read more

3 Tips for Exercising Due Diligence when Examining Claims

If you are tasked with examining claims and producing an assessment or determination, the importance of undertaking a complete and comprehensive examination of the matter cannot be overstressed. This was emphasised to me recently when I was producing an assessment of a contractor’s claim for an extension of time. Towards the end of my information gathering I found a document, which turned the whole claim on its head and resulted in a rejection of the claim.Read more

Goodbye 2014: Reflections on the year gone by

And there goes another year in the blink of an eye! It seems like I was only sitting down to write reflections on 2013 five minutes ago and here we are in 2015 reflecting on 2014.Read more

The Added Value of Good Consultants

I was recently asked to prepare and present a training course on procurement to a large developer in the Middle East and one of the topics I was keen to get across concerned the selection of consultants on construction projects.Read more

The Problem with Inadequately Expressed Claims and Responses

EC Harris' report Global Construction Disputes Report 2013 cites incomplete and/or unsubstantiated claims as one of the major reasons for construction industry disputes.Read more

Construction Claims & Responses is an International Success!

I just heard from my publisher that Construction Claims & Responses has sold almost 1,200 copies in the 20 months since publication. We never expected this to be a major seller and the first print run was only 1,000 copies, so we are very pleased with this. This also goes to show that there is a distinct lack of publications on the market that deal with the subject matter. Hopefully, my next book will be just as well received!

Dublin Course Generates Valuable Discussion Amongst Delegates

I have just returned from a thouroughly enjoyable trip to Dublin where we held one of Claims Class' 2-Day Intensive Training courses on construction claims.The course went well, with some lively discussions and debate amongst delegates from several disciplines within the industry. I was also flattered to find that some delegates had travelled from England and Belgium to attend the course.Read more

Dublin Delegates Delighted!

Claims Class recently delivered it's 2-Day Intensive Training Course in Dublin and the feedback from delegates was very pleasing...Read more