Success Stories

It’s always great news when we hear how Claims Class has helped people achieve success, either in their careers or with their duties at work. We presented our ‘Construction Claims’ and our ‘Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts’ courses in Qatar last week and whilst I was there, I gave a talk on dispute boards to 100 plus members of the Qatar branch of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

After the CIOB event, Daniel, who had previously attended our ‘Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts’ course, came to say hello and told me that the course had inspired him to change career paths. He consequently approached various claims consultancies and is now working for Quantum Global Solutions, who also happen to be our regional partners in Qatar.

Mohamed, who is a planner, also came for a chat after the talk and advised me that after attending our ‘Construction Claims’ course, he decided to resign his job and started work as a freelance planning and delay analysis consultant.

Another Muhammad, who had previously attended our ‘Construction Claims’ course, attended last week’s ‘Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts’ course. Muhammad told me that, after he had attended the claims course, he prepared and submitted an extension of time claim and several variation claims for a highway project. The Engineer not only made appropriate awards to Muhammad’s company. But the person who reviewed the claims on behalf of the Engineer also complimented Muhammad on the professional quality and clarity of the claim submissions. Whilst he was kind enough to offer us a lift to the airport, Muhammad also advised that the successful claims helped the project move from a loss-making situation into profitability. Muhammad’s company obviously appreciated his efforts, because he was driving a new Toyota Land Cruiser company car!

Our mission at Claims Class is to help people achieve success in the field of construction claims, so it is heart-warming to be told that we are achieving our goals in this respect.