QS Eye Magazine features Andy Hewitt’s Article ‘Price Escalation Clauses? Whatever Happened to Increased Costs?’

Quantity Surveyors International, the professional body for those specialising in the financial aspects of construction and engineering publish QS Eye, a quarterly magazine, for their members. QS Eye featured Andy Hewitt’s article, ‘Price Escalation Clauses? Whatever Happened to Increased Costs?.

The article opens with:

This missive is not an in depth analysis of price escalation clauses, but a reflection on how things have turned full circle. Anyone who heard The Cream the first time around, wore denim jackets before the year 2000 and watched the Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show will probably remember when price escalation was known as increased costs. Increased costs took up a significant proportion of my time as a young assistant QS working for a South Yorkshire contractor….

Full of interesting insights and a dose of humour and wit, this article is definitely worth a read.