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E-courses and workshops related to the specialist field of construction contracts and claims

Administer contracts or write, prepare, respond to and manage your claims

In the construction industry today, the ability to manage claims and navigate contracts has become an increasingly sought after skill. Whether you are new to these subjects or have been working with them for years, we have the right type of course to suit your needs.

Perhaps you thrive in a home learning environment and enjoy the flexibility of setting your own pace of work? Perhaps you’d also like to save on travel costs and time away from the office? If this sounds like you, then our e-courses would be the option for you with basic and intermediate options available depending on the benefits and learning outcomes you desire.

Or maybe you prefer the energy of an interactive group setting and you’re ready to take a day or two away to immerse yourself in a workshop? You like the thought of being able to debate, discuss and ask questions with real time feedback and support from an engaging presenter. Regardless of the style of learning you choose, we can guarantee you expert-led training, born out of decades of experience in construction contracts and claims.

Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts

Gain complete understanding of the correct application of the FIDIC contracts by choosing one of our e-course options or an interactive group workshop. With content based on real life case studies, you’ll immediately be able to apply all the skills you learn to your own work.
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Understanding Claims Under The FIDIC Contracts

Learn to navigate claims under FIDIC forms of contract with ease through our flexible e-courses and interactive group workshops. With content based on real life scenarios, you’ll be able to immediately apply all the skills you gain to your own work.
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What our students have to say

Wade Loehmer from UAE

“Great general coverage of the elements of a claim. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and I look forward to applying the skills I have learnt.”

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Take time out to gain clarity and confidence in all aspects of construction contracts and claims through our engaging and inspiring group workshops.
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