Press Release: Internationally Accredited Construction Claims Course comes to Doha

Qatar is currently experiencing massive growth in construction projects, a situation which is likely to increase during the period before the World Cup in 2022. In a situation such as this, with challenging deadlines and huge investments, it is inevitable that claims will occur on projects. If claims are not handled effectively, disputes will occur which will lead to added costs to both contractors and clients and probably a breakdown of relationships and good will between the parties.

UAE based Hewitt Construction Consultancy, a company specialising in construction contractual matters, construction claims and training on these subjects is partnering with Qatar based Quantum International, a leading construction management consultancy, to deliver its 2-day Intensive Training Course on construction claims to professionals in Qatar on 15 and 16 January 2013. The course is designed to provide those representing both contractors and clients with the knowledge necessary to manage, prepare, present and respond to construction claims in an effective and professional manner.

The course developer and leading presenter, Andy Hewitt, who is the Principal of Hewitt Construction Consultancy, commented on the decision to bring the course to Qatar and said, “since the launch of Claims Class, we have had many positive responses and the course was well received when it was presented in the UAE. The increase in construction projects in Doha means that claims are also likely to increase and we are excited to provide construction professionals with the opportunity to learn how to properly deal with claims and to increase their company’s bottom line on projects”.

Steven Beaumont, who is a Senior Contracts and Claims Consultant at Quantum International, will also present the course and said, “supporting Hewitt Construction Consultancy here in Qatar creates a strong partnership where experience from both Qatar and the GCC markets can be brought together to deliver a quality training course to Doha construction professionals including quantity surveyors, engineers, contract administrators, architects, planners and project managers. Given Quantum’s international experience and knowledge of the market in Qatar through our Doha based business, we are able to build on the seamless work already produced by Hewitt Claims Consultancy”.

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About Hewitt Construction Consultancy

Hewitt Construction Consultancy is based in the UAE and offers contractual and claims services to both clients and contractors, with an emphasis on the avoidance of costly disputes.

The practice principal, Andy Hewitt has almost 40 years experience within the construction industry and has held senior positions with various disciplines.

Andy has been based in the Middle East for 18 years and is the author of the book Construction Claims & Responses: effective writing and presentation, which has received international acclaim.

Hewitt Construction Consultancy also offers education and training on the subject of construction claims and has developed a 2-day Intensive Training Course and a Distance Learning Course, which are marketed under the ‘Claims Class’ banner.

About Quantum International

Quantum International has been resident in Qatar since 2004 and specialises in the preparation of Entitlement Claims including forensic planning analysis and the resolution of construction / civil engineering disputes. Disputes are commonplace in the construction industry especially in a rapidly developing and expanding market such as the Gulf region and especially Qatar.

However, Quantum International has a well-earned reputation for resolving such matters amicably and usually without recourse to the formal proceedings prescribed by the Contract. The company is well respected by both Client and contracting organisations and has developed a unique methodology for managing such matters.