Press Release: Internationally Acclaimed Construction Claims Course comes to Abu Dhabi

Claims can often make a difference between a commercially successful project and one which fails. This is especially so in a competitive market, or one in which few new projects are being launched, such as we have seen within Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE in the past five years.

Hewitt Construction Consultancy, a company specialising in construction contracts and claims and training on these subjects, will deliver its 2-day Intensive Training Course on construction claims to professionals in Abu Dhabi on 5 and 6 March 2013. The course is designed to provide those representing both contractors and clients with the knowledge necessary to manage, prepare, present and respond to construction claims in an effective and professional manner.

The course developer and leading presenter, Andy Hewitt, who is also the Principal of Hewitt Construction Consultancy, commented on the decision to bring the course to Abu Dhabi and said, “Since the launch of Claims Class, we have had many positive responses and last year the course was well received in Dubai. The current market within the construction industry in Abu Dhabi means that claims are also likely to increase and we are excited to provide construction professionals with the opportunity to learn how to properly deal with claims and to increase their company’s bottom line on projects”.

For more information on the course and how you can register, please go to or contact Nina Hewitt on


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About Hewitt Construction Consultancy

Hewitt Construction Consultancy is based in the UAE and offers contractual and claims services to both clients and contractors, with an emphasis on the avoidance of costly disputes.

The practice principal, Andy Hewitt has almost 40 years experience within the construction industry and has held senior positions with various disciplines.

Andy has been based in the Middle East for 18 years and is the author of the book Construction Claims & Responses: effective writing and presentation, which has received international acclaim.

Hewitt Construction Consultancy also offers education and training on the subject of construction claims and has developed a 2-day Intensive Training Course and a Distance Learning Course, which are marketed under the ‘Claims Class’ banner.