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Gain expertise and improve your ability to effectively work with FIDIC contracts

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Navigating FIDIC’s contracts and knowing exactly which contract to use requires a superior level of expertise.

If you have experience working with the 1999 suite of the FIDIC forms of contract then you’ll know that administering the contracts is not without its challenges. Navigating FIDIC’s contracts and knowing exactly which contract to use requires a superior level of expertise. Once the contract has been selected, the correct application of its provisions requires a strong knowledge of its obligations, rights, remedies and procedure. In short, this is a highly sought-after skill set in the industry today.

Getting it right is a big responsibility

If you sit on the employer or consultant side in charge of selecting and preparing a contract for an employer, then failure to fully understand the contract can have a huge impact on the project delivery and standards. From the contractor’s side, failure to understand rights and remedies will dramatically affect the profitability of a project. From both points of view, non-compliance with obligations can have a disastrous effect.

This intermediate e-course has been created to give you practical knowledge that you can immediately apply to your own work. Through 18 hours of video modules and 6 written assignments, we will dramatically improve your understanding of the FIDIC contracts. This e-course is fully flexible – log on anytime, anywhere – and enjoy a generous 6-month student access to our course materials. It also comes with expert tutor support from a published FIDIC author and industry leader with over 40 years of contracts and claims expertise. Plus, you’ll gain 18 valuable CPD hours and certification to help further boost your career potential.

Here's an introduction to the course

Enroll for Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts Intermediate E-Course. Tutor led support for only

  • 10 modules of video tutorials and tutor support worth $2,430
  • 6 practical assignments to help consolidate your learning
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If you don’t wish to submit assignments, do not need a certificate and/or do not need to accumulate CPD hours, take our Practical Use of FIDIC Contracts Basic E-Course for just $195.

Benefit from hands on, practical learning and enhance your career prospects

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What you will get

  • 10 in-depth modules covering four of FIDIC’s main contracts (1999 editions)
  • 6 practical assignments based on case studies using real projects
  • 9 hours of recorded video tutorials delivered across 19 videos, worth $1,980
  • 18 CPD hours
  • Model answers to the assignments, so you can see where you’ve excelled and where you could have improved
  • Tutor grading and support throughout, worth $450
  • Flexible learning – log on anytime, anywhere
  • Generous 6-month access to course materials and student website
  • Certificate of Achievement on successful completion – Pass, Merit or Distinction

What you will learn

  • Organisation
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Services Provided
  • Publications – Contracts and Agreements
  • Publications – Business Practices, Guides and Manuals
  • The Red Book (1999)
  • The Yellow Book (1999)
  • The Silver Book (1999)
  • The Gold Book (1999)
  • The Pink Book (1999)
  • The Red Book Subcontract (1999)
  • The Green Book Short Form of Contract (1999)
  • Elements of a Contract
  • Advantages of a Standard Form of Contract
  • Disadvantages of Bespoke Contracts
  • A Typical FIDIC Form of Contract
  • Additional Documents Required for the Contract
  • The Parties Referred to in the FIDIC Forms of Contract
  • Allocation of Risk
  • Employer’s Risk Under the FIDIC Forms of Contract
  • General Provisions of the FIDIC Forms of Contract
  • Clause 1 – General Provisions
  • Explanation of the General Provisions including definitions, communications, law and language, priority of documents, delayed drawings or instructions and errors in the Employer’s requirements.
  • Clause 2 – The Employer
  • Clause 3 – The Engineer
  • Clause 4 – The Contractor
  • Clause 5 – Nominated Subcontractors (Red Book 1999)
  • Clause 5 – Design (Yellow Book 1999)
  • Clause 6 – Staff and Labour
  • Clause 7 – Plant, Materials and Workmanship
  • Clause 8 – Commencement, Delays and Suspension
  • Clause 9 – Tests on Completion
  • Clause 10 – Employer’s Taking Over
  • Clause 11 – Defects Liability
  • Clause 12 – Tests After Completion (Yellow Book 1999)
  • Clause 12 – Measurement and Evaluation (Red Book 1999)
  • Clause 13 – Variations
  • Clause 14 – Contract Price and Payment
  • Clause 15 – Termination by Employer
  • Clause 16 – Suspension and Termination by Contractor
  • Clause 17 – Risk and Responsibility
  • Clause 18 – Insurance
  • Clause 19 – Force Majeure
  • Clause 20 – Claims, Disputes and Arbitration
  • Inherent Project risk
  • Contractor’s Claims, Employer’s Claims, Claims Procedures and Disputes
  • Amicable Settlement
  • Dispute Adjudication Board
  • Arbitration

You will be asked to complete a total of 6 assignments throughout the course related to topics covered in the modules. You will be asked to submit your assignments to your personal tutor for grading. Your tutor will provide feedback and advice where necessary and each assignment grade counts towards your overall course grade.

IMPORTANT: The course content is based on the 1999 editions of the FIDIC contracts.

Gain practical knowledge and revolutionise the way you work with this globally recognised suite of contracts.

Our e-courses are the result of decades of expertise in the construction industry, especially within the specialist field construction contracts and claims. We’ve been through the difficulties and understand your frustrations, and we’ve put all that hands-on experience into creating this e-course.


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Developed by an expert with 40 years' experience within the specialist field of contracts and claims, Andy Hewitt

Learn from a construction contracts and claims specialist with over four decades of expertise. Andy is also a published author having written two industry best-sellers: Construction Claims & Responses: effective writing & presentation and The FIDIC Contracts: Obligations of the Parties.

Andy Hewitt

Recognised by leading professional organisations

Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners

CIOB Chartered Building Consultancy

What our students have to say

Nour Dandache from Lebanon

“The course was comprehensive, it covered all FIDIC clauses in Red and Yellow book and offered an overview of clauses and case studies pertinent to such clauses. This was beneficial to confirm our understanding of how these clauses are applied and administered.”

Common questions

We should start this answer by saying that Claims Class has become a well recognised, respected and trusted education and training provider that specialises in construction contracts and claims. So when you enroll on a Claims Class course you can be assured that you are going to get great content, useful and engaging assignments, tangible and applicable learning outcomes and a smooth administrative and learning process.

If you’re someone who works with the FIDIC forms of contract this course will give you the tools you need to administer the contracts effectively. We will teach you about the general provisions of the FIDIC contracts, the obligations and responsibilities of the main parties and how to effectively manage your projects. We will also cover time related issues including commencement, delays and completion, financial matters, termination and suspension. In the final modules, you will give you an overview of risk, liability, force majeure, claims, disputes and arbitration.

You will graduate this course with a solid understanding of the FIDIC contracts and will be immediately able to apply what you have learnt to the next project that you work on with confidence and clarity.

You will be asked to complete a total of 6 assignments throughout the course. Once you have completed your assignments, you will upload them to your tutor via the student website. Your tutor will comment on and grade your work and issue your module grade to you via email. At the end of the course, you should have achieved an average grade of 55% to pass.

The course developer, Andy Hewitt, presents the course. Andy has 42 years’ experience in the construction industry and is the author of Construction Claims & Responses: Effective Writing & Presentation which was voted book of the month by Construction Books Direct during the first month of publication and has enjoyed international sales success since it’s launch. Andy is also author of The FIDIC Contracts: Obligations of the Parties.

Whilst the course is intended to be flexible to accommodate time constrained professionals, our research during the trial phase told us that students would prefer a deadline otherwise, if they know the course is always there, they do not actually tend to complete it.

We believe that you have a strong reason to sign up to this course and we want to make sure that you complete it so, from the date of enrolment, you have 6-months to complete the course. After 6-months, your access to the Student Website will expire and you will no longer have access to the course content. 6-months will give you plenty of time to get through the content and make sure that you achieve what you set out to do, win win!

Registration is easy. Just go to the course page on the student website and follow the instructions. Registration is online and payment is via all major credit cards. As soon as you have registered, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the information you need to get started.

The Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts Intermediate E-Course is effectively our 3-day Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts Workshop (that we hold face-to-face) in an online, e-course, format. The 10 modules are delivered via video tutorials and the assignments are designed to get you thinking about each module and embed your learning. This course is best for you if you prefer a flexible, online learning approach rather than an intensive face-to-face workshop environment.

Still have questions?

Call us to discuss your questions or write to us with your questions and we’ll get back to you within 24-hours. We’re here to help and want to help you find the right course for you.

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