Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts

Navigating FIDIC forms of contracts is a highly sought after skill today

If you’ve worked with the 1999 suite of FIDIC forms of contract before then you’ll know that administering these can be challenging. It takes a high level of expertise to know which contract to use and exactly how to apply it. You need to fully understand all a contract’s obligations, rights, remedies and procedures.

We know that’s a big responsibility. If you’re on the employer or consultant side in charge of choosing and preparing the right contract, then getting it wrong can impact project delivery and standards. From the contractor’s perspective, failing to understand rights and responsibilities can have a huge impact on profit. Either way, the results can be disastrous.

Rest assured, we’ve been through these very challenges and understand that the proper management and application of the FIDIC contracts can be a headache. That’s why we devised our Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts courses to help you gain the real life skills you need to handle FIDIC with ease.

Simply choose to learn at home or away…

If you like the thought of studying from home at your own pace (plus the added benefit of saving on time and travel costs) then our e-courses are perfect for you. Choose our basic option with no pressure of assignments, or upgrade to our intermediate offering for a more practical learning experience with graded assignments, full tutor support, CPD hours and certification to help you further enhance your career potential.

Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts Intermediate E-Course

Gain practical knowledge of FIDIC and revolutionise the way you work with their globally recognised forms of construction contracts. Through expert led online learning and tutor support, you’ll become an expert in applying and managing these contracts.
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Practical Use of FIDIC Construction Contracts Basic E-Course

Grow your confidence in identifying and managing claims on projects under the FIDIC forms of contract. Gain practical skills to help you understand FIDIC's Red, Yellow, Silver and Gold books, that you can immediately apply to your own work when dealing with claims.
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Or maybe you prefer the energy of an interactive group setting and you’re ready to take time away from the office to immerse yourself in a workshop? Our Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts Workshop offers a fully interactive and practical learning experience, with plenty of presenter and group engagement, along with the benefit of CPD hours and certification.

Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts Workshop

Gain expertise and improve your ability to effectively work with FIDIC forms of contract on this interactive 3-day workshop. Work on practical case studies based on real projects. Get face-to-face presenter interaction and group support to guarantee an engaging and interactive learning experience.

What our students have to say

Nour Dandache from Lebanon

“The course was comprehensive, it covered all FIDIC clauses in Red and Yellow book and offered an overview of clauses and case studies pertinent to such clauses. This was beneficial to confirm our understanding of how these clauses are applied and administered.”

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