Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts Intermediate E-Course

E-courses have become a great way for busy, time-constrained professionals to study. They are flexible, affordable and you don’t need to worry about finding the time to attend classes; you can study from pretty much anywhere! Here’s an introduction to our Practical Use of the FIDIC Contracts Intermediate E-Course.

If you have experience working with the 1999 suite of the FIDIC forms of contract then you’ll know that administering the contracts is not without its challenges. Navigating FIDIC’s contracts and knowing exactly which contract to use requires a superior level of expertise. Once the contract has been selected, the correct application of its provisions requires a strong knowledge of its obligations, rights, remedies and procedure. In short, this is a highly sought-after skill set in the industry today.

Getting it right is a big responsibility. If you sit on the employer or consultant side in charge of selecting and preparing a contract for an employer, then failure to fully understand the contract can have a huge impact on the project delivery and standards. From the contractor’s side, failure to understand rights and remedies will dramatically affect the profitability of a project. From both points of view, non-compliance with obligations can have a disastrous effect.

This intermediate e-course has been created to give you practical knowledge that you can immediately apply to your own work. 

Through 18 hours of video modules and 6 written assignments, we will dramatically improve your understanding of the FIDIC contracts. The beauty of this e-course is that it is fully flexible – log on anytime, anywhere – and enjoy a generous 6-month student access to our course materials. It also comes with expert tutor support from a published FIDIC author and industry leader with over 40 years of contracts and claims expertise. Plus, you’ll gain 18 valuable CPD hours and certification to help further boost your career potential.

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