London Claims Class Course Delegates ‘Highly Satisfied’

Our 2-Day Construction Claims Intensive Training Course was held in London towards the end of September and we are delighted to report that the feedback completed by the delegates showed that we achieved 90% ‘highly satisfied’ and ‘satisfied’ votes across all categories.

The feedback covers everything from registration, administration, venue, value for money and the course presentation and content. Whilst we are used to receiving excellent feedback on all our courses, this was exceptional, particularly when we had some experienced claims practitioners on the course. It also tells us that we are continually improving what we do.

From discussions with those delegates who are based in the UK, it seems that the construction industry is at long last slowly coming out of the recession, particularly in the housing sector. Some of our delegates work for contractors and at the end the course they had already identified areas in their contract administration systems that should be improved in order to protect their company’s interests.

Two delegates put forward an interesting case whereby following the downturn in the market, they had signed subcontracts for work on private housing developments with a fixed price clause for a stipulated period. Their company suffered financially when the project took much longer than anticipated because the developer slowed down the rate of work, which meant that they were obliged to carry out a larger proportion of their work than anticipated at a time when prices had increased. They asked if they would be able to bring about a claim in such a situation. Obviously, without examining all the conditions of the subcontract, it is impossible to provide a definite answer, but in principle it is possible that the developer and thus, the main contractor had prevented the subcontract from being performed as originally envisaged and the subcontractor could bring about a successful claim for damages

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting this course. The delegates ranged from experienced claims practitioners to young guys who are the start of their career and are interested in the subject. We had people from five different nationalities representing consultants, contractors and subcontractors, all of which led to some interesting exchanges of ideas and experience, which is one of the major benefits of attending our courses. I am already looking forward to our next UK course.