Introducing the New Claims Class Brand

After months of hard work behind the scenes, we are excited to announce that Claims Class has a new and improved brand and we are ready to share it with you! So, what have we been up to.

A new website

As part of the re-brand, we have created a new website designed to help you:

  • Find courses quickly and easily
  • Compare courses
  • Quickly understand the learning outcomes and benefits of each course
  • Easily sign up for courses
  • Easily navigate from the main website to the student website to access online courses that you sign up to
  • Access relevant blog articles quickly and easily, based on course topics that you may be interested in

Realigned Mission, Vision and Values

Going through the process of a re-brand provided a great opportunity to examine our company focus. Questions such as ‘are we doing what we set out to do?’, ‘are we making a positive contribution to the industry?’ and ‘are we really helping professionals to improve their knowledge and skills?’ are just some of the things we’ve thought about over the past few months. The answers to such questions, in professional terms, usually form a company’s mission, vision and values. And here’s what we arrived at:


To provide training on construction contracts and claims that is practical, accredited, and of a consistently high standard and produce graduates who will have the knowledge, skills and competence to work as sought-after construction contract and claims professionals.


To improve professional standards within the specialist field of construction contracts and claims to ensure that projects are run professionally, on-time and in accordance with the conditions of the contract. To reduce the number of construction claims and ensure that in cases where claims do arise, the resolution is quick and professional.


Our values are defined by the people that work here. We believe in total professionalism and a friendly customer-focussed approach. We create courses that make an impact and provide knowledge via training that our customers can trust. We intend to constantly raise the benchmark in our industry and focus on our values while doing so.

A New ‘look and feel’ to Claims Class

Whilst we can reassure you that you’re going to get the same great courses, service and experience when you choose Claims Class, the brand has a completely new look and feel to it.

You will see this reflected in pretty much everything that you come across both online and offline, from our logo, imagery, website and social media pages to our brochures and course materials. Check out the new brand on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages.

We really hope that you like the new brand and would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below.