Straight from the Horses Mouth! Interview with a Distance Learning Graduate

David Horsley graduated from the Claims Class ‘Construction Claims’ Distance Learning Course earlier this year.

David was really pleased with the course and happy with what he learnt. We hope that this interview gives you some more insight into studying with Claims Class and may give you the nudge and confidence you need to commit to study and develop your skills in construction claims.

Below you will find a list of what was discussed along with the segment times. Interested in a particular segment or don’t have time to listen to the full interview? Just skip to the time mentioned:

    1. Introduction and professional background (00:20)
    2. Courses and qualifications that David has previously taken (01:07)
    3. What influenced David to register (01:55)
    4. Course content (modules, progression, tutor feedback, assignments) (03:30)
    5. Practical nature of the course (real-life examples, case studies, real-life assignments) (04:50)
    6. How the practical nature of the course assisted David in his job (06:08)
    7. Value of tutor support (07:30)
    8. Overcoming the challenges of distance learning (09:34)
    9. 3 key areas of value that David took from the course (11:23)
    10. Career opportunities as a result of completing the course (12:52)
    11. David’s advice to potential students (14:11)

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