Insights on the Construction Industry in Singapore

I have just returned from Singapore where I presented our Claims Class 2-Day Intensive Training Course on construction claims to a group of 29 construction professionals from all sectors of the industry.

At Claims Class we have found it to be advantageous to partner with a local company or organisation when moving into a location that we are not familiar with and in the case of Singapore, we were fortunate to be able to partner with the Singapore Institute of Building Limited (SIBL).

I was most impressed by the concept of this organisation which works hard to provide educational, training and social activities across the local construction industry. This means that as well as the various professional institutions, such as those for architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, etc. working independently of each other on matters that concern their particular profession, they also come together under the collaborative umbrella of the Construction Industry Joint Committee for mutual benefit, something that must also have a knock on benefit to the local construction industry.

With 40+ years experience and having worked internationally, this is an approach which I have not seen before and a great concept from which I think other parts of the world would benefit.