Insights into Studying with Claims Class

One of the reasons that I created Claim Class is because I get a lot of personal satisfaction from sharing knowledge that I have gained over many years, in order to help people do their jobs better and to help them progress in their career path. It is always good to get feedback from students when this happens, as it shows me that we are achieving our goals.

One of our distance learning students is a contract manager on a large project in Panama. He started the course in April and has currently completed Module 5. In one of our tutorials he mentioned that, as a result of his studies, he had completely changed the way that he submits claims on the project. In the past, some of his claims had been rejected by the Engineer and had subsequently been referred to the project dispute board. He is confident that lessons learned on the course so far will help to gain acceptance of the more recent claims and the submission of further particulars to the dispute board thus using what he has learned, will help to resolve the disputes favourably.

This feedback of success in the day-to-day world of contracting also demonstrates that that the course content has a real practical value as opposed to theoretical, which is what we set out to achieve.

If you are a current distance learning student or have attended one of our intensive training courses, please let us know if what you have learned has helped you in any way. Contact us.