Improved Resources for Distance Learning Students

We have recently added recorded tutorials to the Construction Claims Distance Learning course content and already, we are seeing the positive impact that this is having for our students.


Previously, when a student was issued with a module they were required to schedule a call with their tutor to discuss the module content and how to tackle the module assignments. Over time, we realised that there were certain elements of the modules that most students seemed to struggle with and/or would not deal with properly when working on their assignments.

The introduction of recorded tutorials has meant that now, students are able to listen to a module introduction, recorded by their tutor, which offers an overview of the module, discusses what they need to pay attention to and offers advice for tackling the module assignments. Already, we are noticing that students have:

  • improved their module grades
  • increased their understanding of the course content
  • have more confidence when working on module assignments
  • the ability to begin working on modules quicker with less time spent arranging tutor calls (scheduling across international time zones is always difficult!)

To see an example of the recorded tutorials, please feel free to watch / listen to the Student Introduction to the Course below. This is sent to all students at the beginning of the course and, like the rest of the tutorials, is presented by the course tutor, Andy Hewitt.

If you have any suggestions for further improvements to the Distance Learning Course please feel free to comment below or if you would just like more information about this course, please visit our Distance Learning Page.