Fossils and Antiquities

Fossils and Antiquities

At our 2-Day Construction Claims Intensive Training Course in Qatar last month, we discussed contractual provisions that give contractor’s the right to an extension of time. At the time, I glossed over the clause in FIDIC that covers fossils and antiquities or other items of antiquity. I noted that in 20 years that I have worked in the Middle East, I have never come across such an occurrence.

During the course we mentioned that fossils and antiquities are often found in the UK, but seldom in Qatar. We also mentioned an underground city, found during the construction of the submersed tunnel in Istanbul. The tunnel was delayed by four years due to archaeological findings but again, this has never been witnessed in Qatar.

Only a few days after the course however, this clause may have been triggered in Qatar after all. This newspaper article appeared in the press!

One of the things I preach about when teaching claims is that one should never pre-judge a situation and that time must be taken to ascertain the facts so maybe I should listen to my own advice!

Have you ever worked on a project where this clause has been used? What was the outcome? Do get in touch if you need any assistance with such a scenario.