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If you are a trainer and have courses that you present in a workshop setting, or you have an idea for a course that you would like to develop but aren’t confident in your ability to present it in front of an audience, Claims Class can help.

We can work with you to transform your course into an e-course. We’ve been through the process and have everything you need to create a great online course that construction contracts and claims professionals could access around the world.

The process is simple. You create the content, we transform it into the Claims Class brand and start promoting and selling it around the world. And of course, you’ll be rewarded for your effort.

Share your knowledge and expertise with aspiring construction contracts and claims professionals around the world.


Associate your course with the recognised and respected Claims Class brand


Access aspiring professionals worldwide, ready to sign up for your course


You create the content, we’ll guide you on everything else from A-Z


Earn commission on every course sold, an easy way to boost your earning potential

The Claims Class Promise

By choosing Claims Class to help you transform your course, you can be confident that you are working with a quality organisation. Our small structure means that we provide a friendly, responsive and personal partnership approach and we are consistently working to enhance the quality of training that we provide. Your course could be the perfect addition to our portfolio.

"We provide a friendly, responsive and personal service and we are consistently working to enhance the quality of training that we provide."

– Andy Hewitt, Founder, Claims Class


As a training provider, we specialise in training on construction contracts and claims. As long as your course fits into this category, you are free to develop any course that you believe there is a genuine need and market for.

Our e-courses typically include recorded video tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, assignments, model answers, student guidebooks, case studies, etc. We can help you to develop all of those and provide templates for doing so.

Your main investment will be in the time it takes to create the course. Most online courses involve video tutorials though, so you will need to invest in the recording software and a decent microphone. We can guide you on this but estimate to spend around $250.


Get in touch to discuss your training course and how we can help you to transform it into an e-course.

If you prefer to email directly, contact Nina Hewitt-Tyrrell today on

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