FIDIC and Claims Course Leads to a Better Understanding

Feedback from our 2-Day Construction Claims Intensive Training Course consistently told us that you would like Claims Class to launch a course on FIDIC. We have been working on this and launched our new 2-day course – Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts – in Dubai on 10th January 2015.

Attendees included senior managers from large and well respected companies and some very experienced people from contractual and claims backgrounds.

The course examines the FIDIC ‘rainbow’ suite of contracts and explores the details of both employer’s and contractor’s claims.

A couple of points that came out of the various discussions was that many people think that they know the details of the contracts and that there is a general perceived understanding of entitlement, obligations and procedures, but this is often shown to be incorrect when a detailed examination of contract is undertaken. Another valid point made by two attendees is that the people responsible for administering the contract often do not understand the contract properly, a situation that could obviously lead to contention and disputes.

Feedback from the attendees was excellent and shows that we had achieved our goal of bringing a better understanding of the subject to people from all levels and backgrounds.

We are happy to have helped and look forward to presenting this course in other locations in the future.

Interested in attending this course? Check out the full course information.