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FIDIC 2017 Claims: Andy Hewitt’s Latest Release

I’m old enough to remember when the FIDIC 1999 contracts were published. If I remember correctly, it took a good 10 years for the industry to, not only adopt them, but to see their use as best practice on new projects.

At the time, I was lucky enough to work for a proactive company that sent me on a training course about the new contracts. They also bought copies of Brian Totterdil’s excellent book: FIDIC User’s Guide for all its contracts and claims consultants.

Fast-forward to the release of the FIDIC 2017 Editions…

It is now 6 years since FIDIC introduced the 2017 editions. The updated contracts aimed to improve, strengthen and clarify several aspects of the old editions.

Based on past trends, over the next few years it’s likely that project teams will opt for the 2017 editions over their 1999 predecessors.

So now is the time to get up to speed.

Significant Changes…

One of the major changes introduced in 2017 was the claims clause.

And to help those involved in claims on FIDIC contracts, I have recently published a new book:

FIDIC 2017 Claims: A Guide to Claims for Extensions of Time and Additional Payment Under the Red, Yellow and Silver Books.

In the book, I examine each clause that provides entitlement to make Claims for extensions of time and additional payment. I also explain, in very practical terms, how you should interpret and apply the clauses.

The book discusses the enhanced and much more complex procedures for:

  • giving notice
  • submission of detailed particulars of claim
  • Engineer’s responses and determinations.

The book also covers what FIDIC does not say:

  • what should be included in the particulars of a claim
  • how an extension of time should be demonstrated
  • what costs should be included in a claim for additional payment
  • how a claim should be compiled and presented



The following is from the foreword by Paul Gibbons BSc (Hons), MSc (Const Law & Arb Kings), FRICS, FCIOB, FCInstCES, FICCP, MAE, MCIArb, APAEWE:

This is a must have book for anyone dealing with FIDIC contracts and should be used by Employers, Contractors, Lawyers, Engineers, Consultants, and all those involved with contract administration and dispute resolution and avoidance. I highly recommend it.

FIDIC 2017 Claims is available from Amazon UK and Amazon USA in Kindle, hard cover and paperback versions.

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