FIDIC 2017 Employer's risk events and new claim terms

FIDIC 2017 – 15 Top Tips For Successful Construction Projects

The FIDIC 2017 red, yellow and silver forms of contract were introduced seven years ago. Similar to previous new editions, they have taken time to gain traction within the industry. However, they are becoming more widely used. We anticipate that within the next few years, they will have become the “go to” forms of contract, gradually replacing the old editions in many regions internationally. 

Before you start a project under FIDIC 2017, you might want to arm yourself with some practical knowledge. In this guide, we provide an introduction to the current FIDIC contracts. Read on, to discover our 15 FIDIC 2017 tips to help you with your contract administration and management. 

The 2017 editions of FIDIC have 71% more pages and 64% more words than the previous editions. That’s a lot of changes to get your head around!

Obviously then, the new contracts are more complicated. Good contract administration demands that users become familiar with the extra content. 

FIDIC realised that project participants were not following what was essentially advice in 1999, so the 2017 editions contain more procedures. Many of the new procedures include new obligations for the parties and the engineer. 

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