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The ability to be able to successfully handle and resolve claims is a sought after skill set

Over the past decade, the number of costly construction claims has escalated. Top reasons for this include poorly written claims, poorly articulated responses and inefficient contract administration. Maybe you’ve noticed a rise in the number of claims on your own projects, and are frustrated by the time they take to resolve? That’s why the ability to identify, prepare and respond to claims with confidence and efficiency has become such an important skill set today.

Developed by a construction industry leader with over 40 years' experience

This e-course is the result of decades of expertise in the construction industry, especially the specialist field of contracts and claims. We’ve been through the difficulties and understand your frustrations, and we’ve put all that hands-on experience into creating our basic e-course with easy to follow video tutorials.

This e-course is perfect for busy professionals who don’t have the time to commit to practical assignments as part of the learning process and do not need to build up CPD hours. If you are new to the world of claims or, perhaps sit at the other end of the spectrum and wish to refresh your knowledge, then this course is for you.


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For just an additional $450, sign up for our Construction Claims Intermediate E-Course with the added benefits of practical assignments, tutor support, certification and CPD hours.

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What you will get

  • 6 in-depth modules covering every aspect of claims
  • 5 hours of recorded video tutorials delivered across 24 bite-sized videos, worth $1,100
  • Generous 6-month access to course materials and student website
  • Flexible learning – log on anytime, anywhere
  • No pressure of assignments
  • No pressure of pass or fail

What you will learn

  • Understand how poor contract administration will encourage claims.
  • Learn good administration practices and how they can help when dealing with disputes.
  • Understand how to work towards creating efficient contracts.
  • Identify and separate the different types of claim.
  • Understand how several claims may flow from a single event.
  • Be able to properly prepare notices.
  • Understanding the procedures that need to be followed as soon as a claim has been identified.
  • Understand the key principles of delay analysis
  • Understand the differences between the two most common types of delay analysis and how the delay analysis should be performed.
  • Understand exactly what should be included in a claim.
  • Know exactly what to do to ensure that your claim succeeds and is dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Understand how to compile a claim in a logical sequence that will make it easy for readers to understand.
  • Know how to develop clear, structured narratives that enable the reader to reach faster, more logical conclusions.
  • Understand exactly what needs to go into a response or determination.
  • Know how to present an effective response and how to gain agreement.
    If parties can’t agree at this stage, you will have a great insight into the steps you need to take to resolve the matter.

IMPORTANT: Whilst this course is not based on a particular form of contract, we refer to the FIDIC Red Book (1999) in case studies, examples, etc.

Developed by an expert with 40 years' experience within the specialist field of contracts and claims, Andy Hewitt

Learn from a construction contracts and claims specialist with over four decades of expertise. Andy is also a published author having written two industry best-sellers: Construction Claims & Responses: effective writing & presentation and The FIDIC Contracts: Obligations of the Parties.

Andy Hewitt

Recognised by leading professional organisations

Quantity Surveyors International

Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners

CIOB Chartered Building Consultancy

What our students have to say

Jose Covas from India

“I would recommend this course to any construction contracts management and administration professionals who want to understand how to prepare and present a successful claim.”

Common questions

There are no assessments with this course and no pressure of pass or fail; you will simply have access to a series of video tutorials. If you are looking for a more practical learning experience, with graded assignments, perhaps explore our Construction Claims Intermediate E-Course instead.

The course developer, Andy Hewitt, presents the course. Andy has over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry and is the author of Construction Claims & Responses: Effective Writing & Presentation which was voted book of the month by Construction Books Direct during the first month of publication and has enjoyed international sales success since it’s launch. Andy is also author of The FIDIC Contracts: Obligations of the Parties.

Whilst the course is intended to be flexible to accommodate time constrained professionals, our research during the trial phase told us that students would prefer a deadline otherwise, if they know the course is always there, they do not actually tend to complete it.

We believe that you have a reason and motivation to sign up to a course and we want to make sure that you complete it so, from the date of enrolment, you have 6-months to complete the course. After 6-months, your access to the student website will expire and you will no longer have access to the course content. 6-months will give you plenty of time to get through the content and make sure that you achieve what you set out to do, win win!

Registration is easy. Just go to the course page on the student website and follow the instructions. Registration is online and payment is via all major credit cards. As soon as you have registered, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the information you need to get started.

The difference between the courses mainly lies in the benefits as well as the overall learning outcome and experience. Both courses contain 6 modules covered via 24 video tutorials. The intermediate course, however, comes with the additional benefits of graded assignments, tutor support, CPD hours, certification and more and is therefore the more practical learning experience.

Still have questions?

Call us to discuss your questions or write to us with your questions and we’ll get back to you within 24-hours. We’re here to help and want to help you find the right course for you.

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