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What you will get

  • 8 in-depth modules covering every aspect of claims
  • 23 short and practical assignments based on a project case study
  • 6 hours of recorded video tutorials delivered across 17 bite-sized videos, worth $1,320
  • 65 CPD hours
  • Model answers to the assignments, so you can see where you’ve excelled and where you could have improved
  • Generous 6-month access to course materials and student website
  • Tutor grading and support throughout, worth $1,760
  • Access to Additional Student Resources including technical papers on effective narrative writing and formatting and presentation of documents
  • Sample documents to help you when working on your own claims: notices, cost calculations and more
  • Flexible learning – log on anytime, anywhere
  • Certificate of Achievement on successful completion – Pass, Merit or Distinction
  • Eligible for Member of the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners*

What you will learn

  • This module introduces a case study comprising a residential and commercial project where the Contractor encountered unforeseeable ground conditions. This caused the Contractor to incur standing time. It also caused delay to the groundworks.
  • Understand how the Contractor has been affected by this event and the link between cause and effect.
  • Learn how to identify the potential claims.
  • Investigate the Contract to verify that the Contractor has an entitlement to make a claim.
  • Examine the contractual requirements for notices.
  • Understand why contracts place such high importance on the submission of notices.
  • ASSIGNMENTS: The assignments for this module ask you to examine the second case study, identify the claims, the contractual entitlement and the method of evaluation and to prepare the various notices that should be sent.

  • Understand the importance of good records.
  • Review the types of records necessary for claims.
  • Appreciate how good record management makes claim preparation more efficient.
  • Learn how to create a timeline to assist with compiling a claim.
  • Understand good practice when preparing a baseline programme.
  • Learn the correct principles when preparing delay analyses.
  • Examine different types of delay analysis.
  • Learn the procedure for a Time Impact delay analysis.
  • Learn how to examine the results of the delay analysis.
  • Correctly calculate an extension of time.
  • Understand how concurrent delay may affect the Contractor’s entitlement.
  • ASSIGNMENTS: The assignments include the preparation of a simple time-impact analysis for the second case study using spreadsheets, calculation of the number of days extension of time and calculation of the revised completion date.

  • Understand and identify what Costs may be claimed.
  • Learn the correct principles of cost recovery.
  • Appreciate how to prepare and present the Cost calculations.

ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments for this module include the calculation of the number of days costs that may be claimed and the period on which the costs should be based. You will also be required to prepare cost calculations for: a salaried member of staff; an hourly-paid worker; hired plant; depreciation of plant of equipment; fuel costs and head office overheads and profit. You are asked to present the calculations so that they may be easily audited by the respondent.

  • Learn the Four Key Points for an effective claim and how to comply with them.
  • Understand how to format and prepare a claim submission to a good professional standard.
  • Understand how the “front matter” of the claim helps to bring clarity to a reviewer. Learn how it establishes the background to the matters before the details of the claim are presented.

ASSIGNMENT: The assignment is to prepare the preliminary sections of the claim for the second case study.

  • Understand what the object of a claim is.
  • Learn and understand the essential elements of a successful claim.
  • Appreciate the types of event that provide entitlement to make a claim.
  • Understand how to prepare a narrative to clearly explain the cause of the claim.
  • Understand the importance of linking cause with effect.
  • Examine the possible effects of an event.
  • Learn how to correctly summarise a narrative.
  • Discover how to identify the information necessary to perform a delay analysis.
  • Understand the importance of justifying the delay analysis and explain how it has been performed.

ASSIGNMENT: The assignment is to produce cause and effect narratives to be included in the claim for the second case study, as well as a narrative to justify and explain how the delay analysis has been carried out and what it demonstrates.

  • Learn how to explain the principles of cost recovery in a claim narrative.
  • Understand how simply presented and well-explained calculations will enhance your claim.
  • Ensure ease of understanding in your claims.

ASSIGNMENT: The assignment asks you to compose a narrative to explain the costs that have been claimed and how they have been calculated for the second case study.

  • Identify where to find the entitlement to make a claim.
  • Appreciate how to clearly demonstrate the contractual entitlement in a claim narrative.
  • Learn how to correctly demonstrate that the notice provisions have been complied with.

ASSIGNMENT: The assignment is to produce a narrative for the second case study which adequately demonstrates why the claim is admissible under the contract.

  • Understand why the Executive Summary and Statement of Claim are important parts of a claim narrative.
  • Learn what should be included in these sections and how to effectively draft them.
  • Appreciate the importance of substantiating every statement made, every fact relied on and each calculation included in the claim.
  • Understand how to best provide substantiation to assist the reviewer and to ensure that your claim is a stand-alone document.
  • Learn how to organise and present exhibits, programmes, calculations and other documents. Ensure anything relied upon in the claim narrative is designed to make the reviewer’s job easy and efficient.
  • Appreciate the importance of having a peer review carried out before finalising the claim.

ASSIGNMENT: The final assignment is to put everything you have learned into practice and produce the claim for the second case study.

You will be asked to complete between 1-5 short assignments for each module and submit to your personal tutor for grading. Your tutor will provide feedback and advice where necessary and each assignment grade counts towards your overall course grade. You must achieve the minimum 55% pass grade for each module to continue onto the next one. If you do not achieve this, your tutor may ask you to resubmit part or all of the assignment to ensure that you fully understand the module content and to help you achieve a good overall course grade.

Click the individual module sections above for details of what you will be asked to do for each assignment.

IMPORTANT: Whilst the course content is applicable to any form of contract, we refer to the FIDIC Red Book (1999) in assignments, case studies and examples.

Additional mandatory reading material costs include:

The mandatory reading material must be purchased separately. Please visit our Publications page for recommendations of where you can purchase these books.

An in-depth, fast track route to becoming a claims specialist.

Construction claims experts are in high demand today. With projects becoming more complex, claims are cropping up more frequently, and unresolved claims cost precious time and money. As a result, companies are turning to talented individuals who can successfully handle claims with speed and efficiency.

Do you already have experience of construction claims, but would like to enhance your knowledge or career prospects?

This course will teach you how to prepare the perfect claim. You’ll take a case study comprising a mixed-use project where the contractor encountered unforeseeable ground conditions. This in turn led to standing time as well as a delay to the groundworks.

We will first illustrate how the contractor was affected by this event and demonstrate the link between cause and effect. We’ll then move on to identify the potential claims and examine the contract to verify that the contractor has an entitlement to make a claim. From here, we’re ready to build our claim…

The course asks you to complete and submit assignments at the end of each module. Your assignments will ask you to work through a second case study for a commercial building. You will build up a claim in parallel with the tutorial case study.

You’ll gain a practical understanding of claims and be able to immediately apply everything that you have learned to your own work. You’ll be supported by a claims specialist with over 40 years’ experience to ensure you gain a full understanding of the intricate science of claims.

Your personal tutor will ensure that you receive the appropriate support to secure the best learning outcomes. The course is fully flexible. All you need is an internet connection to access 40 hours of invaluable, hands-on learning.

Become a specialist in claims management

This course will teach you how to prepare a claim from start to finish, based on a real life case study and practical scenarios. The 17 video tutorials give you practical content that you can immediately apply to your own work. Access to such high level learning in a tutor supported environment, along with assignment grading, model answers, constant feedback and support would usually cost you $4,850 in consultancy fees. By taking this course, you receive all this for just $2,250.

As well as receiving a Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion, The Perfect Claim Premium E-Course will earn you 65 valuable CPD hours. Armed with this achievement and your elevated knowledge of claims, you are destined to become a highly sought after asset to any company or consultancy practice.

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Common Questions

There are no minimum qualifications, but you will need to understand the construction process and have a basic knowledge of construction contracts. The course is suitable for many disciplines, but particularly, quantity surveyors, contract administrators, engineers and those who deal with contractual and commercial matters. Those whose job it is to manage claims will also gain knowledge of the process and those who wish to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to progress up the career ladder will be able to do so with confidence.

The registration process is simply. Simply go to the course page and sign up online. You’ll be asked to complete a basic registration form and make payment (taken via all major credit cards). You’ll then receive an order confirmation and a welcome email with all the details you need to get started will follow shortly afterwards.

Whilst the course is intended to be flexible to accommodate time constrained professionals, our research during the trial phase told us that students would prefer a deadline otherwise, if they know the course is always there, they do not actually tend to complete it.

We believe that you have a reason and motivation to sign up to a course and we want to make sure that you complete it so, from the date of enrollment, you have 8-months to complete the course. After 8-months, your access to the Student Website will expire and you will no longer have access to the course content. 8-months will give you plenty of time to get through the content and make sure that you achieve what you set out to do, win win!

You will need a copy of Construction Claims & Responses: effective writing and presentation by Andy Hewitt and details of where to purchase this book can be found here on our Publications page.

You will receive a certificate to confirm that you have successfully graduated. Your certificate will denote the date of graduation, your pass grade (pass, merit or distinction), the modules studied, the CPD hours gained and logos of the accrediting bodies.

Whilst the topic and content is the same, The Perfect Claim Premium E-Course has more detailed assignments that require more study time and challenge the student a little more. The premium course also has more CPD hours, more free additional study resources and sample templates to help you in your claims roles, e.g. sample notices, sample cost calculations, etc.

The course you take really depends on your learning and career objectives and what you are looking to get out of your study.

Our students come from many different countries and are used to working with both international and domestic forms of contract. We use the FIDIC Red Book (1st Ed. 1999) to illustrate the course firstly, because it is written by engineers for engineers in a straight-forward and easily understood manner, secondly because it contains conditions that are typical of any construction contract and lastly, because it is widely used internationally.

After a little familiarisation, students who are familiar with other types of construction contract (JCT, NEC, bespoke forms, etc.) will have no difficulty in understanding the Red Book, or applying it to the case studies and examples used on the course.

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What our students have to say

The course is very practical and almost all the aspects of the course can be applied in practice. I gained much more knowledge of how to manage claims and I also gained respect from my colleagues as someone with good knowledge of claims.”

Kayvan Bahraini from UAE

Andy Hewitt

One-on-one mentorship from an expert with 45 years' industry experience. Meet Course Developer and Presenter, Andy Hewitt.

Learn from a construction contracts and claims specialist with over four decades of expertise. Andy is also a published author. He has written five industry books, including best-sellers: Construction Claims & Responses: effective writing & presentation and The FIDIC Contracts: Obligations of the Parties.

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