Construction Claims

Professionals with the ability to handle construction claims are in huge demand

Experienced claims practitioners are constantly sought after and command high salaries. With the rise in construction claims in the industry, companies need to be able to turn to someone that they can trust: a skilled person who can write, manage, present and ultimately submit successful construction claims with total confidence and efficiency.

We created this in-depth series of courses focussed entirely on breaking down the science of construction claims. Our emphasis on real life practical content means you’ll come away with a thorough tool kit that you can immediately apply to your work.

Simply choose to learn at home or away...

If you like the thought of studying from home at your own pace (plus the added benefit of saving on time and travel costs) then our e-courses are perfect for you. Choose our basic option with video tutorials and no pressure of assignments, or upgrade to one of our more in-depth courses. Our intermediate offering comes with a more practical learning experience involving graded assignments, full tutor support, CPD hours and certification to help you further enhance your career potential and our Premium offering is our most in-depth and demanding course, perfect if you want to become a claims specialist and elevate your career to the next level.

Construction Claims Intermediate E-Course

Gain an in-depth understanding into the complex world of claims through flexible, online, expert-led learning. Engage in a practical learning experience complete with graded assignments, tutor support, CPD hours and certification.
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Construction Claims Distance Learning Course

Shape your career as a claims specialist by taking our most in-depth e-course. You will dramatically increase your ability to prepare, write, manage and respond to claims through practical learning and upon graduation, be in prime position to specialise in this area of the industry.
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Construction Claims Basic E-Course

Discover how to navigate the challenging world of claims more easily with our basic e-course. Gain valuable insight into how to write, prepare, manage and respond to claims through our easy to follow video tutorials.
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On the other hand, if you love the thought of joining like-minded people in your pursuit to learn more about construction claims, then why not immerse yourself in our interactive, practical workshop? You’ll benefit from face to face mentorship from our experienced presenters, plenty of group debate and support, practical group assignments to fine tune your skills, as well as CPD hours and certification.

Construction Claims Workshop

Enhance your understanding of the science of claims at our 2-day Construction Claims workshop and earn 16 valuable CPD credits in the process. Benefit from an inspiring group setting and face to face tutor support, and learn through practical, real life scenarios and assignments.
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What our students have to say

Wade Loehmer from UAE

“Great general coverage of the elements of a claim. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and I look forward to applying the skills I have learnt.”

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