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Join us live, Construction Claims course: hands-on training in managing claims.
Starting 7th June 2023.

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Only $345  Until 31st May: $259 - Seven weeks of personalised training.

On 7th June 2023 join our next #LiveOnline course: interactive sessions, led by Andy Hewitt.

Have you ever had to manage or understand construction claims? Under what circumstances can a claim be made and what can be claimed? What is the correct method for preparing or responding to a claim?

Don't miss this opportunity to get live training and complete the course with full understanding of dealing with claims in our most popular of courses.

Developed by a construction industry leader with over 40 years' experience

Join Andy Hewitt and Claims Class, live, for hands-on practical learning.

Only $259 (early bird rate ends 31st May) for 7-weeks of specialist construction claims education. Starting 7th June.

Group discounts are available to groups of 5-9 (10%) or 10 or more (20%).

Engaging Content from the Comfort of Your Desk 

Sign up today. Learn everything needed to prepare, respond to and manage construction claims. This live course includes a detailed examination of:

  • MODULE 1: Contract Administration – learn how best to prevent and manage claims. Learn best contract admin practice and discover the pitfalls of inadequate contract admin when claim situations arise.
  • MODULE 2: Types of Claim – learn what can and cannot be claimed illustrated from real-life examples.
  • MODULE 3: Delay Analysis – often called ‘the dark art’. We provide an overview of the principles of delay analysis, types of analysis and practical examples of the two most commonly used techniques. Discover and practice how to create an analysis to demonstrate entitlement based on cause and effect.

  • MODULE 4: Cost Calculations – learn the principles of cost recovery and via a case study, learn how to calculate and present costs. We illustrate how costs should be shown in the claim and how costs should be calculated to ascertain the daily cost for each claimable item and how to provide an audit trail for verification.
  • MODULE 5: Essential Elements of a Successful Claim – To succeed, a claim must include certain key elements. Examine what they are and how to successfully prepare or assess a claim.
  • MODULE 6: Presentation of Claims and Responses – find out the best way to put a claim together. Many valid claims fail because they were poorly compiled and presented. Avoid the mistakes others have made.
  • MODULE 7: Responses & Determinations – Every claim will include a response or determination. Discover the complexities and detail of the dispute resolution process and how to present responses.


The course will be delivered over a 7-week period, with one module delivered every week on the following dates:

  • Module 1: 7th June
  • Module 2: 14th June
  • Module 3: 21st June
  • Module 4: 28th June
  • Module 5: 5th July
  • Module 6: 12th July
  • Module 7: 19th July

The times will be arranged to suit the majority of attendees.

If for any reason you are unable to join the live sessions, the recording will be made available within the student platform.


Course Modules


CPD Hours


Interactive Tutorials

Get started with Claims Class LIVE Online today and get all the above for just:

$345 – reduced until 31st May to $259

Group discounts are applied at checkout.

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What You Get:
  • 7 modules delivered over 7 weeks.
  • 8 CPD hours.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Join a like-minded group of students and progress through the course together.
  • Live Q&A and interaction on each session.

Developed by an expert with 40 years' experience of contracts and claims, Andy Hewitt

Learn from a construction contracts and claims specialist with over four decades of expertise. Andy is also a published author having written industry best-sellers:

Andy Hewitt

Common questions

There are no formal assessments on this course. Each session will be followed by a lively discussion and a q&a. If you are looking for a more practical learning experience, with graded assignments and tutor support perhaps explore our intermediate construction claims e-course instead.

The course developer, Andy Hewitt, presents the course. Andy has over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry and is the author of three leading industry publications. Andy is a passionate and engaging teacher and is well known for his ability to break things down so that students get the most out of their learning.

The course is a live course. It runs for 7-weeks. Each week, you will be asked to attend a live webinar and will need to allow time to study the topics covered. It is important that you commit to the learning process when you sign up. Please make yourself available to attend the live sessions.

Whilst we encourage all students to attend the live interactive sessions, we realise that this may not always be possible. All recordings and course material will be placed in the course area within your student account. After the webinar each week, it will be ready to access, on-demand.

Yes, all students who attend / watch all 7 module webinars will receive a Certificate of Completion. This will include details of the modules covered and the number of CPD hours gained.

Still have questions?

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