Construction Claims Distance Learning Course | Graduate Feedback

Our Claims Class Construction Claims Distance Learning Course was created to help people gain practical, ‘hands on’ knowledge of claims and is intended to teach information that will enable students to immediately put the topics learned into practice.

We often receive feedback from graduates that we are achieving this so we have put a summary together below:

Through a series of case studies, the modules provide a practical experience which bridge the gap between the knowledge attained from university programmes and the common contractual tasks in the construction industry. What I found most informative was the feedback from my tutor upon completion of each module. 

 “The course is well structured and well delivered, the modules compel you to consider both the Contractor’s and the Engineer’s perspective on the claimed issues and therefore force you to question your current approach in terms of claim entitlement.  

All in all, I found this course extremely informative and would highly recommend it to any individual who seeks to deeply understand the claims practice in the construction industry.

Thank you Claims Class for the great experience!”


“I was looking for a practical course to improve my knowledge of the management of claims. The format of Claims Class was exactly what I wanted and the outcome has actually been better than I expected.

In terms of challenges, I would say one of the key issues that I faced was how to write an assignment response in a clear, simple and structured manner. This is something that is emphasised on the course as a well written and presented claim document will make things easier for the reviewer. Through working on this, I believe I really improved my writing skills throughout the course.   

The course is very practical and almost all the aspects of the course can be applied in practice. At the end of the course I had gained much more knowledge of how to manage claims and I also gained respect from my colleagues as someone with good knowledge of claims.”


“When I enrolled on the Claims Class Distance Learning Course, I was approaching 10 years of experience. During that time, I had dealt with claims on both sides of the fence, with a reasonable degree of success, so I was by no means a novice.

A brief word about my tutor Andy Hewitt.  With almost 40 years of experience under his belt, it is fair to say that he knows his stuff inside out. But equally as important, he’s a natural teacher and has a knack of explaining the course content succinctly.

Claims Class states: “…on completion of the course, you will have gained a thorough understanding of construction claims and how to confidently present or respond to them in an effective manner.”  This is certainly true in my case and I am in no doubt that any claims or responses that I produce after this course will be a significant improvement on what I did beforehand.”


We hope that this feedback offers valuable insight for prospective students to hear first-hand from those who have already been through the course.

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