Construction Claims Basic and Intermediate E-Courses: What’s the difference?

We currently have two e-course options on the topic of Construction Claims: Basic and Intermediate. But what’s the difference? And which one should you take if you’re looking improve how you write and manage construction claims? In this blog we look at each course and answer those questions to help you decide which one could be best for you…

Construction Claims Basic E-Course

The Construction Claims Basic E-Course is our ‘no frills’ course. You get 24 video tutorials delivered via 6 modules that focus on:

  1. Contract Administration for Claims
  2. Types of Claims and Procedures
  3. Delay Analysis
  4. The Essential Elements to a Successful Claim
  5. Compilation and Presentation of Claims and Responses
  6. Responses, Determinations and Disputes

You simply sign up and work through the videos at your own pace. 

Construction Claims Intermediate E-Course

By comparison, the Construction Claims Intermediate E-Course offers a more practical and involved learning experience.

You still get 24 video tutorials delivered via the same 6 modules but you also get:

  • 6 practical assignments
  • Case studies and examples based on real life projects and situations
  • Tutor support via email and/or phone
  • Grading sheets and comments from your tutor for each assignment
  • Model answers for each assignment
  • 18 CPD hours
  • Certificate of Achievement on successful completion, awarded at Pass, Merit or Distinction
  • Option to join the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners at Associate level
  • Additional resources including papers on topics including Effective Narrative Writing, Formatting and Presentation of Documents and Interpretation of Contract Documents

From the features above, the key benefit of this course is the assignments, graded by your personal tutor. By doing assignments the learning experience becomes practical and your understanding of the course content is measured. Plus, your personal tutor can highlight areas that you could improve on and help improve your understanding via email and/or phone support.

So, which e-course is right for you?

Everyone has different motivations and reasons for signing up to an e-course so there is no set answer to this question but summarising the key differences should help.

The Construction Claims Basic E-Course is effectively the easy option because there’s not much commitment other than finding time to watch the videos.

On the other hand, the Construction Claims Intermediate E-Course course involves assignments so it would demand more time from you BUT the rewards are greater AND the course is self-paced so you don’t have to worry about deadlines. You also get a number of additional benefits which come in useful when we look at things like career progression, professional recognition and memberships, training track record, etc.

The course you take is ultimately your decision but by now knowing the key differences between the courses, your decision should be easier to reach.

A Note on the Course Creator

It’s important to mention that whichever course you opt for, you’ll be learning directly from Andy Hewitt. Andy’s 40+ years’ experience in the construction industry has gone into creating these courses so you can learn the best and most efficient ways to create claims, rather than waste your time on trial, error and unsuccessful claim submissions. 

And Finally…Some Testimonials from Recent Graduates

I enjoyed the course and found it worthwhile and practical. Nina and Andy were always very good to deal with and I thank you for your time and efforts. Best of luck with the course, I think it will prove popular! – Mikey Hartnett, Ireland.

The e-course was well presented and comparable with courses that universities would produce. – Mikey Hartnett, Ireland.

I would recommend this course to any construction contracts management and administration professionals who want to understand how to prepare and present a successful claim…well done Andy. I would also like to thank Nina for her support and for always being available whenever needed. – Jose Covas, India.

The course is well structured and presented in a simple fashion that makes it easy for students to understand. – Manoj Angadikal, UAE.

I believe the structure of this course is the best and I am sure that it will be able to create interest & motivation for working professionals, even in their hectic busy professional schedules. The course is structured in the simplest way possible. My best wishes for Claims Class! – Ranga Prasad Sangoju, India.

Having a reasonable amount of claims experience, I was unsure exactly how much I would learn from the course but I thought that I would sign up and give it a go…The Construction Claims Class Intermediate E-Course exceeded my expectations…The course has helped me to sharpen my tools and has provided me with a greater understanding of the full scope of construction claims. – Anthony Chamberlain, UK.

Thank you, I learnt so much! – Anup Ranaware, Australia.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to my colleagues and professional peers! – John Shenton, UAE.

I am extremely happy to have been able to take this course. The power of the internet is enabling me to be in contact with amazing people and with their work. I will continue to follow you and hopefully one day meet the Claims Class team in person. – Hector Polo, Panama.

Great general coverage of the elements of a claim. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and I look forward to applying the skills I have learnt. – Wade Loehmer, UAE.

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