Claims Class Quarterly | Issue 3

The third edition of the Claims Class Quarterly is out!

There’s some great content in this edition including the news of FIDIC’s new form of contract which is noteworthy for the Middle East in particular. John Papworth joins us again as our guest contributor and this time offers some tips on how to make your claim appeal to a Contract Administrator and later, to a DAB tribunal.

Sticking with our regular features we bring you a new Top Tips article on the importance of good record keeping as well as introducing a new feature called Claims Class Case Study’s where you have the opportunity to get your thinking caps on, put pen to paper and try to resolve a real-life case study. Don’t worry, we also offer the author’s opinion / answer at the end so you can see how your answer compares.

There’s much more in there too so go on, grab a cup of coffee, settle in for few minutes and have a read…

Read the Claims Class Quarterly.