Claims Class Helps Student to Get New Job

I am always delighted to hear of the success of our students, especially when Claims Class has helped them to achieve the success. Helping people to improve themselves and climb the career ladder was one of my motivations when I decided to develop the training and education side of our business.

One of our Distance Learning students is an Italian contracts manger who is currently working for a contractor in Central America. Part of his duty is to prepare, submit and manage the claims for the contractor and during the course he was promoted to the manager of the department. He commented at the time that, as a result of what he had learnt on the course, he had completely revised the way in which the claims were submitted and had even revised and resubmitted some earlier claims that had not been awarded, to ensure that they contained the essentials. I believe that some issues were referred to the dispute adjudication board and our student used what he had learnt to help him prepare the dispute for review.

Our student decided that he wanted to move from Central America and set about applying for a position with claims consultants. We spoke a few weeks ago and he was happy to tell me that that he had been offered a position with a large, international claims consultancy, with a choice of working in a variety of locations in the Middle East and a separate offer from a contractor for a regional position in the United Arab Emirates.

He advised me that the knowledge he had gained from the course had given him a lot of confidence during the interviews and also that the claims consultancy were familiar with and placed great value on the Claims Class courses. Part of the selection process with the consultancy was to complete an assignment based upon a case study. The assessors remarks were ” … our review panel were impressed and thought you submitted a very good piece of work”. Case studies from real life feature highly in our Distance Learning course and our student commented that without Claim Class, he would have struggled to complete the assignment.

I am absolutely delighted with this news and am thrilled that Claims Class has played a part in our student’s success.

Has Claim Class helped you in any way? If you have come across job opportunities, gained promotion or learned how to carry out your job better, please share your experiences with us.