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Claims Class Helps Student Secure US$1 Million

This month I am going to allow myself to pat myself on the back, because of a success story from a recent Claims Class student.

A gentleman from an African country contacted me to discuss enrolling on one of our claims courses. He had found out about Claims Class after purchasing a copy of my Book FIDIC 1999 Notices. This is what he told me.

The Problem

The gentleman works for a Contractor on a project under FIDIC where the Employer did not pay by the due date. The clauses entitling the Contractor to financing charges and to suspend the Works in a case of late payment had been struck out of the Contact.

Notwithstanding this, my friend wrote a letter. In it, he gave formal notice of non-payment and followed up with a notice of termination based upon the example contained in the book. On receipt of this notice the Employer organised an emergency meeting. They not only made the outstanding payments, but paid the next amount certified before the due date.

The Result

The gentleman then put the lessons he learnt on the course into action. He submitted claims for an 81 day extension of time and associated prolongation costs. The Engineer awarded a 60 day extension of time and cost in excess of US$ 1 million. I would like to think his was excellent value for the purchase price of the course and the book!

After this success the gentleman considered the next steps in his career progression. He has decided to specialise in contractual matters and claims. He enrolled in our Perfect Claim E-Course and is currently on track for an excellent grade.

I wish him luck in his search for a new direction to his career.

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