A Note on the Qatar Situation

Qatar has been in the news a lot recently, particularly with regard to the 2022 World Cup, but the current situation in the country also gives cause for concern with regard to the huge amount of construction work that is being undertaken and from what I hear on the grapevine, the way that Contractors are being dealt with by employers and consultants.Read more

3 Tips for Exercising Due Diligence when Examining Claims

If you are tasked with examining claims and producing an assessment or determination, the importance of undertaking a complete and comprehensive examination of the matter cannot be overstressed. This was emphasised to me recently when I was producing an assessment of a contractor’s claim for an extension of time. Towards the end of my information gathering I found a document, which turned the whole claim on its head and resulted in a rejection of the claim.Read more

4 Essential Elements and 4 Key Points to Successful Claim Writing

As we enter into a new year, I thought it would be appropriate to post a blog on what I consider to be the most important elements and criteria for construction claims and responses.Read more

Referencing of Clauses in Correspondence and Claims

One of our distance learning students recently asked for advice on how to correctly refer, or make reference, to contract clauses when preparing a claim. Although this is a fairly minor point, it is something that is often done badly and if so, can make the reader’s understanding more difficult.Read more

Claims Class Launches New Course to Help You Understand Claims Under the FIDIC Forms of Contract

Feedback from our 2-Day Construction Claims Intensive Training Course consistently told us that you would like Claims Class to develop a course on the FIDIC contracts. So, that’s what we did.Read more

Does a Variation Lead to One Claim or Three?

One of our distance learning students recently asked the following question: if a variation causes additional work, a delay to the completion date and leads to entitlement to the payment of associated prolongation costs, should one claim be submitted for the whole thing, because all the entitlement stems from the variation?Read more

Inadequately Expressed Claims | How Not to Write One!

The object of any claim is to convince the party that is responsible for providing a decision or determination, that the claimant has the right to be compensated in ether time or money for the event from which the claim arose.Read more

The Added Value of Good Consultants

I was recently asked to prepare and present a training course on procurement to a large developer in the Middle East and one of the topics I was keen to get across concerned the selection of consultants on construction projects.Read more

Claim Review Procedure

Following on from my previous blog ‘Determinations, Rocks and Hard Places’ another frequently asked question is ‘how should the engineer (or other party responsible for responding to a claim) ensure that he is being fair to both parties when making a decision or determination?’Read more

Get It Right The First Time

I am currently working on a large project and have performed reviews of several claims, most of which have gone through two or more revisions.Read more