How to Number and Reference Documents

A point I often have to make to our distance learning students concerns the use of numbering and referencing within documents. If our students are struggling with this, it stands to reason that other blog readers may benefit from some guidance too. Here's how to number and reference your documents.Read more

When to Deal With Contractor’s Claims

I have been involved in a large project for 3 years where my role is to provide assessments of the contractor’s claims for extensions of time and prolongation costs. The project experienced numerous delays and to date I have provided assessments of 25 extension of time claims and awards have been made for 11 claimed events. As usual with claims, some were rejected entirely and some were awarded, but with a reduction in the amount claimed.Read more

4 Key Points to Ensure You Do Not Present a Bad Claim

At Claims Class we teach the following 4 key points in claim and response writing:

Read more

Interview with a Satisfied Customer!

We love training construction professionals. We also love feedback. Because whilst we can shout from the rooftops about the accreditations that we have, how valuable our courses are and the experience and accolades of the course presenter...nothing beats customer satisfaction.Read more

Are Claim Preparation Costs Recoverable?

Claim Class presented its 2-day intensive training course on Construction Claims in London on 29 and 30 September to 26 delegates. One subject that resulted in quite a heated debate was whether the costs of preparing a claim, either employee time or by specialist consultants, are recoverable.Read more

Do project consultants understand their obligations with regard to claims?

Over the past couple of weeks, I have presented our new 2-day ‘Understanding Claims Under the FIDIC Contracts’ intensive training course in Abu Dhabi and Doha. Unusually and quite surprisingly, out of a total of 50 attendees, almost all delegates were from contractors or subcontractors.Read more

Auditing of Prolongation Costs

On our Claims Class courses we explain that it is necessary to substantiate everything contained in a claim document. This should of course apply to the calculation of prolongation costs.Read more

To Submit or Not Submit?

There are sometimes occasions where circumstances dictate that a claim may be warranted, but the situation is not so clear-cut that you are sure whether the claim is totally justifiable, or whether it will ultimately succeed. What are your options here?Read more

Variations and Additional Preliminaries

One of our Distance Learning students raised an interesting question on preliminary costs (preliminaries) and variations recently, which was:

'If a variation causes the contractor to incur additional preliminary costs, should these be claimed as part of the variation, or should a separate claim be submitted?'Read more

A Note on the Qatar Situation

Qatar has been in the news a lot recently, particularly with regard to the 2022 World Cup, but the current situation in the country also gives cause for concern with regard to the huge amount of construction work that is being undertaken and from what I hear on the grapevine, the way that Contractors are being dealt with by employers and consultants.Read more