Need Staff Training During Lockdown? No Problem!

Whilst COVID-19 has caused immeasurable harm, it has at least taught us one good thing: people can work from home without a loss of efficiency.

But what about staff training?

Video conferencing (think Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) is being used to great effect. Remote working and meetings have saved time and cut down on travel costs. The sharing of information via webinars has also seen a huge upsurge in recent months.

We at Claims Class pride ourselves on supporting needs of our customers. This was why we introduced e-courses for people who found it difficult or impossible to attend our live workshops. We now have e-course students in every corner of the World.

Travel restrictions and self-isolation have meant that our In-House Training Workshops for companies had to stop for a while. However, we have decided that COVID-19 is not going to beat us so we are now offering our workshops to companies via webinar.

Webinar / online training has many features and advantages:

  • Attendees may be together in one place or sign in from separate locations.
  • Training sessions may take place on consecutive days or otherwise, to suit our your requirements.
  • Training sessions may be full, half-day or shorter regular sessions to suit your requirements.
  • Q&A sessions are be available at the end of each module. Attendees may ask questions either by voice or message.
  • You will be provided with training materials to distribute to the attendees.
  • CPD certificates will be issued to attendees.
  • There is no travel time or cost of transport/accommodation in training fees. This reduces the cost to you as we can deliver the training from our Middle East base.

We offer the following courses to companies:

  • Practical Use of FIDIC - Working under FIDIC contracts has unique challenges. This course will give your team the skills to navigate the contract successfully.
  • Construction Claims- whether you are an employer, consultant or contractor, this course covers everything on identifying, preparing and responding to construction claims.
  • The Perfect Claim - This course guides you through preparation of a claim from start to finish, sharing the secrets to ensuring your claims are successful.
  • Understanding Claims Under FIDIC  - give your team the clarity and knowledge they need to handle claims under FIDIC.

We tailor our courses to suit  your particular requirements. We are also able create bespoke courses to address your the specific needs.  Get in touch with us to discuss any specific challenges you may face.

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