The Obligations of the Parties Under the FIDIC Forms of Contract

Did you know that the FIDIC Red book contains 74 separate obligations of the Employer, 211 of the Contractor and 85 of the Engineer? Well, to be honest, neither did I until I just counted them in the draft of my latest book!Read more

When disputes are decreasing in the rest of the World, but on the increase in the Middle East, why has this region been so slow to recognise the added value of dispute adjudication boards?

The FIDIC forms of contract are the most widely used contracts for construction works in the Middle East and North Africa. These contracts have included provisions for the appointment of Dispute Boards since 1999, but the adoption and use of DABs in the region has been slow when compared to most other parts of the world.Read more

FIDIC Middle East Contract User’s Conference 2013

I was invited to speak at the FIDIC Middle East Contract User’s Conference in Dubai on 26 & 27 February, where I presented a well-received talk on Pursuing Claims Under FIDIC Contracts in the Middle East and Internationally.Read more