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25 Tips to Help You Avoid Costly Claims and Disputes

Often people ask us, ‘what are the key things we must do to avoid disputes and claims?’. Good news – we’ve compiled all of them into one handy document of top tips to avoid claims and disputes!

This four-page document provides you with all the information you need to help ensure you minimise the risk of claims. The 25-point guide will provide you with insight into the common mistakes we come across. From pre-project and before you sign the contract, to post-contract and preparing claims.

We’ll guide you through many of the key elements you need to ensure project contract success and keep those pesky lawyers at bay! The download includes:

  • Project start-up – what contractual elements should you be looking out for before you sign? How can the team ensure everyone understands the risks and obligations in the contract?
  • Planning and Programming – what do the schedules / programmes need to contain, what should you look out for and how should you present updates?
  • Records – what should you record? How should you record it and when?
  • Notices – what are the common mistakes people make in preparing and submitting notices under the contract?
  • Claims – what do the engineer and contractor need to consider when preparing or assessing claims?

Download your copy of our top 25 tips to avoid claims and disputes:


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