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Claims Class teaches the science of construction claims to those within the industry who either deal with claims and wish to increase their knowledge, or wish to learn the skills to be able to prepare, present, respond to and manage claims to a professional standard. Claims Class has also recently expanded its portfolio to include courses on delay analysis and managing claims under the FIDIC forms of contract.

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Distance Learning

For those who wish to join the ranks of construction claims practitioners who have a high earning potential and are in constant demand, we offer a tutor assisted Distance Learning Course which focuses on the practical rather than theoretical aspects of construction claims. The course also features real life case studies which students will be able to relate to.

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In-House Training

Claims Class offers in-house training courses on topics relating to construction claims for companies wishing to upskill their employees in a cost effective way. Depending on your requirements, we can deliver one of our existing courses or provide a customised course that fits your training objectives and addresses specific challenges that you may be facing.

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Intensive Training

Claims Class offers a selection of accredited intensive training courses on topics relating to construction claims. The courses are usually held over a one or two day period and are designed to create an intensive and interactive learning environment enhanced by module assignments, delegate participation and lively discussion.

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The only provider of specialist construction claims training and education

Claims Class provides training and education on the practical aspects of construction claims, as opposed to the theoretical.

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