Understanding Claims Under The FIDIC Contracts

If you are an employer or a consultant with the responsibility of administering a contract on behalf of the Employer, failure to identify claims and deal with them correctly can affect the Contractor’s ability to complete on time and to the required quality.

If you are a contractor and you do not identify claims correctly or pursue them in an ill-advised manner this is likely to severely affect the profitability of your project.

Failures on both sides will adversely affect relationships and may ultimately lead to costly and time-consuming disputes and litigation.

Our training course on claims and the FIDIC forms of contract provides an in-depth examination of the FIDIC Red, Yellow, Silver and Gold books to provide a full understanding of the circumstances under which claims may be made, what may be claimed, the claim procedures and requirements for the Engineer’s responses and determinations.

Those who are familiar with the FIDIC contracts will undoubtedly enhance their understanding of their requirements and those who wish to become familiar with these contracts will gain an excellent overview.


Why should you take this course?

Individuals involved in construction projects are often unclear as to the obligations of the parties with regard to claims and how to correctly perform these obligations.

The course examines each clause within the FIDIC contracts and provides an explanation of their meaning and what the parties must do to comply with the requirements.

A correct understanding and the proper management of claims can significantly affect the bottom line of construction projects whilst maintaining goodwill between the parties.

Our course provides this understanding for the Employer’s, Contractor’s and the Engineer’s personnel.

Claims are often regarded negatively within the industry and there is a distinct lack of understanding of the Contractor’s entitlement and why and how a claim should be submitted and a response prepared.

Delegates will gain a proper understanding of the requirements of the FIDIC contracts and how these requirements should be complied with to the best effect.

If claims are not managed effectively, there is a probability that matters will escalate to costly and time-consuming disputes.

Delegates will gain insight into how to prepare and respond to claims and resolve matters at project level in a timely manner, whilst maintaining good relations with the other party.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved with projects carried out under the FIDIC forms of contract will benefit from attending this course. Project managers, engineers, quantity surveyors, contract managers, contract administrators, planners, project controls and claims consultants will gain practical knowledge to help them with their day-to-day tasks.




“Very good and I have achieved my initial objectives from the course. Very well organised and planned. Hand out documents good and well presented. Presenter clear and methodical in delivery which helped. Case studies added to participation and provided an opportunity to see the theory applied.”
– Nicholas Radford, Associate Director at Turner & Townsend, Abu Dhabi, UAE

“Having travelled a fair distance to attend I was happy and satisfied with the learning experience and study materials received.”
– Damian James, Consultant at High Point Rendel, London, UK

“I am certainly very happy that I attended this course. Great value for money! Will recommend to other colleagues.”
– Megan Philpot, Commercial Assistant (Attorney) at High Point Rendel, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Although no course is complete unless some practical assignments are done, this course provided that and also gave good explanations and answers. Quite interactive.”
– Sriram Chandrkumar, Senior Architect at Dar Al-Handasah, Dubai, UAE