Construction Claims

Construction professionals who have a good understanding of the science of claims are valuable assets to their employers, because they can increase the profitability of projects. Even in times of recession, there is a constant demand for skilled professionals in this field.

We offer construction claims training by way of a 2-Day Intensive Training Course.

This course will provide you with an in-depth overview of the tools you need to prepare, respond to and manage construction claims. You will learn how to correctly identify situations that give rise to a claim, how to calculate the value of a claim and how, by way of a step-by-step process, to compile a claim submission into a persuasive argument which will help the claim to succeed. The course also deals with the analysis of claim submissions and the preparation of responses to claims.

Those with existing knowledge of claims will be able to enhance their skills and knowledge and after attending the course, those new to claims should be in a position to compile and present a straightforward claim or response in an effective and professional manner, so as to enhance its chances of success.


Why should you take this course?

First, hear from someone who attended this course and was very satisfied with the knowledge that they gained…

How else could this course help you?

A correct understanding and the proper management of construction claims can significantly affect the bottom line of construction projects whilst maintaining goodwill between the parties.

Our course provides this understanding for the contractor’s, consultant’s and client’s personnel.

Claims are often regarded negatively within the industry and there is certainly a distinct lack of understanding of why and how a claim should be submitted and a response prepared.

Delegates will gain a proper understanding of how to prepare and respond to claims, in a professional and proper manner.

If claims are not managed effectively, there is a probability that matters will escalate to costly and time consuming disputes.

Delegates will gain insight into how to prepare and respond to claims and resolve matters at project level, in a timely manner.




“I wish I could have taken this course years ago, it would have saved me so much aggravation on projects. This course is a must for claims teams.”
– Danilo Martinez, Planning Manager at Parsons International, Qatar

“Well organised, excellent and experienced presenters, useful course materials. Definitely recommend to others.”
– Husam Al Sourani, Contracts Administrator at CCC, Qatar

“An excellent course, very well delivered on an interactive platform in a digestible manner. The content was insightful, providing different angles from experts in the field of claim preparation and review. Very beneficial 2-day course that I would recommend to colleagues and construction professionals.”
– Steven Powell, Contracts Manager at Ammico Contracting, Qatar

“Informative, intense yet easy flowing. A useful course that must be attended by anyone involved in construction management.”
– Rami Tarraf, Deputy Project Director at BMC Qatar